Sakai SW994 Asphalt Roller

Oscillatory/Vibratory Tandem Rollers

Efficient compaction with various vibratory modes

Best Compaction Quality and Efficiency

  • Sakai’s new ECO Compaction Mode (ECM) reduces fuel consumption up to 10%.
  • SW994 standard model features 4,000vpm high frequency vibration, which achieves the desired density faster and more efficiently while creating a smoother finish.
  • EXACT COMPACT METER matches speed for obtaining the correct number of IPF (impacts per foot)
  • Frequency and amplitude modes can be switched from the seat
  • Cross-mounted drive and vibration motors eliminate machine torque on the mat
  • Counter rotation of eccentric weights in the drums cancel horizontal force
  • Timer, auto or constant operated water spray system

Dual Drum Oscillation “Osc” & Vibration “Vibe” (SW994ND)

  • Versatility by switching on the fly from Vibe for high compaction efforts to Osc for smooth finish of the pavement surface
  • Optimized dual drum Osc achieves target density of thin lift pavement (1-1.5”) in fewer passes and increases paving train speed
  • Osc achieves density on no-vibe jobs where structural integrity is a concern

Operator Comfort

  • Multi-position operator station (MPOS) (5 positions)
  • 180◦ easy rotating operator console
  • Lunch box table and cup holder
  • Excellent drum edge visibility from the operator seat
  • Digital programmable cruise control

High Safety Standards

  • Sakai proprietary emergency brake pedal, which kills the engine and stops the machine instantly
  • 3 inch retractable seat belt
  • 39 inches of visibility to the front and rear from the operator’s seat
  • Low profile design
  • SAHR (spring applied-hydraulic released) brake

Easy Maintenance

  • Sprinkler system with plastic water tanks, triple-filtration, removable brass nozzles for ease of maintenance with pressurized winterization
  • Easy ground level access to all check points
  • Ground level access to all consumable items, such as filters
  • Long life drum isolators
  • Gear drive Osc/Vibe system (no belt)

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