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Sakai upgrades 3-wheel roller’s engine, design

March 22, 2016 – Adairsville, Ga. – Upgrades by Sakai America Inc. to its static three-wheel R2H-4 roller do more than just meet the current EPA Tier 4 emissions standards. Sakai engineers used the opportunity to make a proven design even better.

R2H-4-Three-Wheel-RollerThe Sakai R2H is a static roller for use on thin lifts and other jobs whose specifications restrict use of vibration. Its ability to reach tough density targets with a smooth mat finish comes from its big 64-inch-diameter drums that deliver 365 pounds per linear inch compaction force.

The Sakai R2H redesign not only raises its emissions compliance to the EPA’s current standards but features improved airflow to the engine, increased performance, more efficient hydraulic systems and a new drum configuration that makes maintenance and upkeep even easier.

Denver Weinstiger, Sakai VP of sales and product support, said, “This static three-drum model is a favorite design because it permits the use of great compaction force without shoving or pulling the material. That means you achieve a consistently dense mat in fewer passes. Fewer passes results in faster completion. Plus, the smooth mat the R2H-4 leaves requires less finish work after reaching your compaction target.”

The upgrade retains innovations such as Sakai’s super-heavy-duty articulating and oscillating center hitch design for superior chassis stability, ground contact and operator control; neutral-activated dynamic hydrostatic braking, one of three separate braking systems found only on Sakai products for maximum operational safety.

Sakai introduced the R2H-4 to the paving industry at the March World of Asphalt 2016 in Nashville.

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Since its inception in 1918, Sakai has grown to become a global leader in compaction equipment producing more than 4,000 vibratory compactors each year. Sakai has manufacturing facilities in four countries with sales and product support representing 110 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1976, Sakai America serves its customers through a strong dealer network across North America, supported by its manufacturing facilities and product support headquarters in Adairsville, Georgia. As a result of its dedication to quality, Sakai owns one of the strongest service records across America today.

Sakai America produces and supports high-centrifugal-force vibratory soil compactors and high-frequency vibratory asphalt rollers to the highest standards in the industry.

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