Intelligent Compaction

Compaction Information System 2 or “CIS2”

asphalt-intelligent-compactionIntelligent Compaction featuring Topcon

Sakai’s CIS2 system allows for informed decision-making on real-time changes in the compaction process to achieve more uniform and successful compaction results.

What is Intelligent Compaction?

Intelligent Compaction involves the use of an accelerometer to measure changes in the amplitude wave of a vibratory roller or compactor. The rate of change in the amplitude wave measures the stiffness of the material being compacted. This stiffness value, when compared with the location of the drum(s) as measured using high-precision positioning systems, creates a map of your jobsite identifying potential “soft” or weak spots in the compacted material. Knowing these soft spots allows for spot-checking of the material to ensure uniform compaction thereby verifying the integrity of the compaction process.

Through the location mapping process, Intelligent Compaction is also presenting a full map of your roller passes over the entire area being compacted. This allows verification (a) your operators are performing in the most efficient roller patterns possible; (b) you are achieving uniform compaction through pass-count measurement and coverage; (c) of the minimum pass-count needed for achieving target quality assurance measurements.

A temperature sensor can also be added to map the temperature of the asphalt mat during the compaction process, ensuring that your operators are able to keep pace with the paver and stay off the mat outside the tender zone temperature range.

*At this time, Intelligent Compaction allows pre-mapping on granular materials only. Intelligent Compaction cannot be used to pre-map existing or partially milled asphalt pavements.


Items measured and mapped in real-time:

  • Number of roller passes
  • Roller speed
  • Vibration frequency and amplitude
  • CCV (Sakai’s unique ICMV or compaction measurement value)
  • Paving surface temperature (for asphalt rollers)

On-board displayUser-friendly design and setup process

  • Large, touch-screen display with automatic brightness/contrast adjustment
  • Display can be modified to only show information pertinent to the job and operator
  • Adjustable, color-coded mapping allows the operator to quickly know pass count & coverage, the stiffness, or the temperature of the mat with the push of a button
  • Topcon Positioning’s easy-to-manage machine editor keeps setup as simple as possible


You’ve got options

  • System can be used with VRS network corrections via cellular network
  • Optional DUHF radio easily installs for use with a base station and rover
  • Access to virtually any coordinate-plane system – UTM, state-plane, county coordinates, etc.
  • Data logging is enabled in real-time by default using GSM networks (SIM card is required) – if no cellular signal is available, the system automatically logs all data for immediate upload as soon as the network becomes available
  • With easy-to-configure optional local data logging, a USB drive can be inserted to the display for manual upload to SiteLink 3D.
  • While SiteLink 3D offers the most-robust productivity reporting system on the market, data can also easily be exported for use with Veda to appease federal or state specs


Easy to use 3D-MC Display software

  • Software by Topcon is simple to learn, train, and master working functionality in a matter of minutes
  • Adjustable display can be changed to match operator comfort
  • Offers all vital roller productivity information at-a-glance
  • All connected equipment optionally shown on display, so the operator knows the pass-count and coverage of other rollers, the distance from the paver, location of rover & base, etc.


Stay connected with Topcon’s SiteLink 3D site management suite of software.

  • Allows easy remote and/or on-site access to real-time jobsite data
  • Interact with the operator instantly using a simple text message function
  • Troubleshoot display issues remotely as if you were sitting in the operator station
  • Can be viewed easily on a PC, Mac, laptop, iPad, tablet, cell phone or any other device with internet access
  • Full-site management allows you to increase productivity across the jobsite – not only on paving operations
  • Display of all connected jobsite equipment (other rollers, pavers, excavators, rovers, haul trucks, etc.) allows informed productivity decisions on the fly (i.e. ‘Is the roller able to keep up with current production speeds?’; ‘Should we speed up our haul trucks?’)


See what the Construction Innovation Forum has to say about Intelligent Compaction:

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